Co-create Team Agreements


Co-create Team Agreements

October 11, 12:30 — 14:30 CEST

We often see distributed or globally dispersed team members questioning each other on things we thought were common sense.

  • I had no idea we needed to use Slack for communicating status
  • I didn't work on this task as I have no access to this data
  • Oh! Didn't know there were core working hours!
  • I don't use that tool - doesn't work with this Operating System.
  • If you had said this was urgent, I would have responded in 1 hour instead of a day!
  • I asked your feedback on the issue over email. Didn't you check? I can't write that again on Slack!
  • I am not aware whether you are in office then. How can I be expected to keep track of your timezones?

And this list just continues!!

Each individual and team has their own perspective and personality and their own style of communicating. When we establish a basic set of guidelines for working together, we can remove costly misunderstandings.

These basic set of guidelines are not imposed on people. They are co-created and designed with the people who are using these guidelines themselves along with their teams.

Engage in this 2 hours online workshop filled with hands-on live interaction, real-time discussions from experience in the trenches, exercises and games to allow you to apply your learning.

Let’s avoid miscommunications and outline acceptable behaviors for how your team wants to work together.

At the end of the workshop you have your own 'Super Action Plan' that you could take and try with your teams.


  • Set expectations for how to work together
  • Create a productive workspace
  • Why define normal behaviour
  • What virtual trust looks like
  • Define your team etiquettes
  • Why co-create
  • Tips from the trenches to co-create Team agreements

Online session pre-requisites

  • Good internet connection
  • Audio and Video ON
  • A relatively Quiet place to dial-in from

Minimum participants to confirm a session: 5

Have more questions? Want to discuss more context for you and your teams?

October 11, 12:30 — 14:30 CEST
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