The Art of Curating Remote Events | Our Creative Potential Online

The Art of Curating Remote Events | Our Creative Potential Online

February 9, 08:00 — 10:00 PST

In this highly engaging workshop "The Art of Curating Remote Events" we will focus on our creative potential online.

The 2-hour workshop will explore ways we can intentionally and creatively hold space remotely. How our virtual gatherings can be curated to do so much more than any in-person event. There are much more potential for our workshops, team buildings events, strategy sessions, and end-of-year team get-together than how these remote events are currently being planned and hosted.

Workshop Learnings:

  • Insights into the creative potential as we are running off-sites, strategy sessions, and workshops virtually
  • Introduction to a simple model for balancing asynchronous and synchronous event components
  • Get examples of artfully curated remote gatherings
  • Tips for choosing the right combination of remote engagement tools
  • Learn the importance of leaving space for your participants co-create portions of your event

You will walk away with:

  • Inspiration to be courageous and innovative in own remote events
  • Seeing the remote event format, not as limitation, but as a liberation
  • New facilitation techniques for harvesting the wisdom of all participants

This workshop will give inspiration and examples of creative, artfully hosted remote spaces relevant for team leads, HR professionals, folks in leadership roles and team members ready to host different remote gatherings.

Additional info

  • Early Bird Price until January 6: ‎$115 per person
  • Regular Price after January 6: ‎$149 per person
Prices are exclusive PayPal fees.

Minimum participants to confirm session: 6
Maximum participants per session: 16

Have more questions? Please reach out to Line Mørkbak @ and I'll be happy to discuss your needs and work context.

Previous participants have said about participating in Line's online sessions:

"Line is the best online facilitator I know. She is tuned in to every meaningful aspect of what's important for online sessions." - Jonathan Lewis

"Line really cared about us and created a safe, engaging learning experience." - Christine Brautigam

"Energetic. Thoughtful. Knowledgeable. When glitches took place, she modeled the right kind of behavior -- calm, flexible, rolled w/ it."- Rose King

"Expressive, organized, curious, and role modeling every behavior she suggested." - Susanne Taylor

"Open, flexible, Line is a great communicator." - Richard Scott-Will-Harknett

"Sophisticated yet pragmatic mentality - very very excellent methodology." - Melanie Puerschel

"Very well prepared before and during the sessions. Excellent training from the back of the room techniques. Very inclusive in terms of engaging with all of the participants." - Melissa Lang

February 9, 08:00 — 10:00 PST
Early Bird
Line Mørkbak
United States of America
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