Work Together Anywhere Workshop

Work Together Anywhere Workshop

Work Together Anywhere Workshop
July 10, 11:00 —
July 14, 12:30 AST

6+ hr interactive online workshop

Remote communication is the #1 challenge for virtual teams: how do we deliver the same results that we deliver when we work together in the same room?

The Work Together Anywhere Workshop is a online experience that gives managers, coaches, and knowledge workers a roadmap for successful remote and hybrid working. You will walk away with an action plan of techniques and tools that you can try immediately.

The workshop is four 90-minute, interactive online sessions where we get to push all the remote buttons. We will meet from 11:00 - 12:30 AST (Atlantic Standard time, check your time zone HERE) on the following days:

July 10th - Create team agreements

July 11th - Facilitate great online meetings

July 13th- Online collaboration & team building

July 14th- Feedback, appreciation, and celebrations

Caribbean nationals will be offered a 20% discount, photo of ID will have to be provided to receive discount code.

Who should attend?

  • Managers/HR Leaders/Consultants working with remote colleagues.
  • Agile Practitioners (Scrum masters, Agile coaches)
  • Virtual meeting facilitators
  • Remote team members
  • Persons aspiring to work in a remote/hybrid environment
  • People with an experimental mindset and a willingness to try new things

Join this workshop if you want to:

  • Build a productive remote or hybrid workspace
  • Improve communication and avoid misunderstandings
  • Reduce the meetings you need; improve the meetings you have
  • Find connection and create that sense of togetherness online

You will walk away with:

  • Access to workshop slides and videos
  • Handouts & guides for team agreements, remote meetings, feedback, etc.
  • Stress Management Journal that can either be printed or completed electronically.

Module/Session 1

  • How to establish a basic set of guidelines for working together on a remote team
  • Common communication protocols for remote working
  • Tools for capturing team agreements

Module/Session 2

  • Best practices and tools for seamless online collaboration
  • Ways to combat the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality
  • Simple tips for increasing camaraderie and the sense of team/togetherness online

Module/Session 3

  • How to choose and effectively use online meeting technology
  • Common communication protocols for effective remote meetings
  • How to facilitate interaction and participation, and minimize distractions and multi-tasking

Module/Session 4

  • Techniques for rapid, continuous feedback
  • How to set up 360 degree feedback systems so that colleagues and managers can more frequently measure each others performance
  • Tools for showing appreciation
  • How to conduct remote retrospective

Workshop Discounts:

If you qualify for a workshop discount, please reach out to us at, and we will provide you with additional details.

  • If you register 1 additional person, you get a 50% discount.
  • If you register 2 additional people, your ticket is free.

Cancellation Policy:

If cancellation of your registration is required, please send us a written notification at, mentioning the name of the workshop in the subject line of your email.

  • We will refund 100% for cancellations received 2 weeks before the workshop.
  • We will refund 50% for cancellations received 1 week before the workshop.
  • We will issue no refund for cancellations received within 48 hours. However, you’ll have the option to reschedule your attendance to the workshop for a later date.

N.B: Invoices must be paid before the workshop starts!

July 10, 11:00 —
July 14, 12:30 AST
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