Ready, Set, Plan!

Ready, Set, Plan!

Ready, Set, Plan!
October 27, 13:00 β€” 14:00 AST

Feeling overwhelmed by your weekly to-do list? Struggling to find a clear path to success? Our "Ready, Set, Plan!" session is the answer you've been looking for!

πŸš€ What You'll Get:

- A focused, productive hour to plan your upcoming week.

- Reflect on your past week's accomplishments and challenges.

- Identify and prioritize your top 3 goals for the week ahead.

- Create a plan to tackle your priorities effectively.

- Connect with like-minded individuals striving for success.

πŸš€Session Flow:

- 10 min Check in: Introduction, share one achievement or learning from the previous week.

- 15 min Focus time: Individual reflection and priority identification

- 5 min Break

- 20 min Focus Time: Setting up your planner, prioritizing tasks, time blocking, preparing for potential obstacles and specify rewards.

-10 min Check out: Share, commit to tasks completion & celebrate getting one step closer to your goals

Transform your weeks from chaotic to organized, one "Ready, Set, Plan!" session at a time. Take control of your goals and watch your productivity soar!

🌟Don't miss this opportunity to achieve your dreams with a clear plan in hand. See you at the session! 🌟

October 27, 13:00 β€” 14:00 AST
Kimberley Forde
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