Work Together Anywhere Workshop

Work Together Anywhere Workshop

September 26, 09:00 —
September 29, 10:30 CEST

In the Work Together Anywhere workshop, we explore how to better collaborate online, and the various tools and techniques for building trust and increasing camaraderie in the virtual workplace.

We will learn how to:

  • Build a productive remote/hybrid workspace
  • Improve communication and avoid misunderstandings
  • Reduce the meetings you need; improve the meetings you have
  • Find connection and create that sense of togetherness online

The workshop is four 90-minute, interactive online sessions where we get to push all the remote buttons.

We will meet from 9:00 - 10:30 CEST (Amsterdam time, check your time zone HERE) on the following days:

  • 26 Sep - Personal productivity and team agreements
  • 27 Sep - Facilitate productive online & hybrid meetings
  • 28 Sep - Online collaboration & team building
  • 29 Sep - Feedback, appreciation, and celebrations

The Work Together Anywhere workshop is your roadmap to working online as if you were in the office together. At the end of the workshop, you’ll be on your way to having a proactive, aligned remote team that feels a sense of closeness.

You will walk away with

  • Signed copy of the Work Together Anywhere Handbook
  • A deck of Virtual Meeting Cards
  • A Certificate of Attendance
  • Access to workshop slides and videos
  • Handouts & guides for team agreements, facilitation, remote & hybrid meetings, feedback & appreciation, time zones, etc.
  • Book, podcast & tool recommendations

Who should attend?

EMPLOYEES advocating for work-from-home options

LEADERS seeking to maximize productivity and profitability

TEAMS collaborating over complex projects and long-term goals

ORGANIZATIONS reliant on sharing confidential documents and data

COMPANY OWNERS striving to attract the best brainpower

Additional info

In this workshop, we will be playing with a number of different online tools. You will need a good internet connection, access to the Chrome browser (if possible), a headset, and a webcam.

This is not a webinar! You will be engaging in live conversations with real human beings. Expect to be heard and seen throughout 🙂

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What others have said about the workshop:

"For anyone still thinking that remote meetings are boring and fatiguing, I'd encourage you to connect with Collaboration Superpowers & try out one of their "Work Together Anywhere" workshops.

Moving from how to create team agreements, to an analysis of the aspects of what makes a great online meeting, to how to collaborate online effectively to end with how to share feedback and show appreciation with a distributed team, everything we tried out was an example of something that we could bring back to our teams and try with them.

We've learned ice breakers, experienced virtual offices, explored feedback styles using tools for retrospective, tried out various collaboration tools to facilitate discussions." - Francesco Bianchi, Agile Coach

“The Work Together Anywhere workshop provided me insights into new ways and tools for remote collaboration. Because of this, our company switched from in-person trainings to remote ones.” – Milenko Bugueno (Co-Founder at Agile Moves GmbH)

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What others have said about Lisette:

"Lisette is exceptionally good in explaining the concepts as to what can help you in situations, what tools can be used and also how the tools can be leverage to your needs." - Seumeet Madan

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September 26, 09:00 —
September 29, 10:30 CEST
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