Craig Cockburn

Craig Cockburn
United Kingdom

Hi! I'm Craig Cockburn ("coburn") and I'm an agile coach, facilitator, conference speaker and remote worker based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This is me on one of the platforms I use, zoom.

I have been remote working for more than 30 years when I worked for an international computer company and collaborated with teams around the world from the office and the internet in my home. I took to this way of working really quickly and my first big feedback from remote working was to be offered a job from the team I was remotely training in the US. In my spare time in the early 90's I co-moderated a global language learning list and this helped me to become fluent long before apps and website were there to help us. I was also involved in TV, radio and newspaper interviews in connection with my hobbies and campaigns then. Communication at a distance can take many forms!

In the early 90s I wrote the UK's first guide to getting on the internet, the first online guide to Scotland and as part of my M.Sc. in 1993 wrote a research paper on the benefits of remote working. I have first hand experience working with teams in North and South America, France, Germany, Poland, Romania, India, Australia and Hong Kong and I have also supported distributed teams whilst being based in Edinburgh, the Scottish Highlands, London, Belfast and Dublin. If your workplace isn't completely convinced about the benefits of remote working, I wrote an article a few years ago which might help you convince them.

I am active in the Scottish agile meetup community and also with the British Computer Society Agile Specialist Group. In the course of my work I have supported and delivered in person training events, hackathons, conferences and planning events. 

I also run workshops

and I give in person and remote conference talks on strategy and red team thinking.

If you want to see me in action, here's me speaking in person at agile tour London 2019 and remotely for remotely for Agile Evangelists on strategy.

I have high quality audio and high speed internet for a great remote experience.

My full profile is available on LinkedIn . I am also a Chartered Manager, Chartered IT Professional, Fellow of the British Computer Society and have trained as a SAFe Program Consultant, and IC Agile Enterprise Agile Coach.

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