Michał Parkoła

Michał Parkoła

Michał Parkoła

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Throughout my career I've worked with many organizations: from specialized software houses like 9LivesData where I helped develop internal leaders, through large multinational corporations like Sabre where I was a member of the Agile Coaching H.E.A.L. team, to consultancies like McKinsey & Company where I'm currently supporting one of their internal projects.

During my journeys I have learned, tested and helped others benefit from many useful skills. Based on that experience I have come to believe the best methods are clustered around:

  • Agile
  • Clean Language
  • and Remote Collaboration

If you're interested I'm available for:

  • a free 1h virtual ☕ where we'll clarify what exactly you'd like to have happen and find at least one concrete thing you can do to get closer to that goal
  • a series of 1h sessions to help you and your team make systematic progress
  • a set of 90 min workshops to learn, apply and reinforce concrete skills that will lead to better results for you and your team

Are you ready for some deep work?

See you in the trenches,


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