An agile coach for the past 12 years, and a life coach for the past two, my main focus is the mindset, the mindset of individuals, teams, organizations, and cultures.

My training, though going through tools and practices, focuses mainly on how to understand the meetings and interactions you encounter, and how to tweak the team's behavior to a more harmonious, motivated and aligned one.

My projects include:

  • The #MeetingSpicer - a tool meant to painlessly hack the meeting culture of a team/ organization.
  • The Agile Tao Podcast - where with Peter Merel we read hos book - The Agile Tao - and discuss how Taoism applies to organizational culture.

I am an avid fan of open systems

- an XSCALE Alliance steward, our intention is to help organizations de-scale and de-centralize 

- An Open Space facilitator, help unleash the power of collective intelligence for the good of the organization.

- A serious-games creator, a Liberating-Structures facilitator, etc.


As a prize fr reading so far, I'd love to give you as a gift the Remote Meeting Spicer Board game, a tool to hack your remote meeting culture: (see comments for download link)


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