Tina Meckel

I am a facilitator, consultant and coach on anything to do with collaboration in teams, leadership, project management, organisation development, conferences and change processes with a special focus on 

  • distributed (remote, virtual) teams
  • digital collaboration
  • online facilitation
  • innovation and creativity
  • and my heart beats for a more sustainable world!

My background is an MBA in Sustainability Management, focussing on leadership and organisational development, studies of sociology, economics, law, Aboriginal studies (Australia) and continuous training to expand my competencies in process facilitation, including certified live online trainer.

Having grown up with a British mom and German dad, living in Germany and Australia, I highly appreciate the ability to connect internationally via digital media. Working in a mobile way has enabled me to expand my horizon, do fascinating work and still have a family and ground myself (literally;) in my garden. My mission is to invite others to explore how we can work together virtually - effectively and humanely!

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