Christiane Anderson

9.46 / 10 Rating for public events based on 13 evaluations

On a mission to create organisations where people thrive.

For over 20 years I've worked in corporate environments in teams distributed across the world implementing complex technology and processes. I noticed one of the key factors why people and work thrived, is how well everyone related and communicated. 

Having grown up in Germany, spent time in Ireland and now calling Melbourne, Australia home, I am familiar and comfortable with geographical and time distance between people, whilst maintaining thriving relationships.

I dedicated the last five years becoming a coach, facilitator and trainer and see technology as a great enabler to bring people together on a global scale and creating a sustainable lifestyle for ourselves and our environment. 

Attendees feedback

Zora Lourens,MetaPM

Great coach, communicator and made the activities fun.

Christie Pinto,Crystal Clear Horizons

Friendly, warm, engaging.

Kate Mackay

Christiane is a fantastic facilitator, allowing the right amount of ad-hoc conversation to flow, but always bringing the discussion back and keeping everyone on track to finish on time, much appreciated

Milena Burley

Well prepared, well researched, despite the late hour of the event, Christiane was energetic and engaging.

Michelle Prosser-Roberts,Accuteque

Preparedness. Willingness to pivot, Friendliness, knowledgeablity

Darren McKenzie

Encouraged discussion. Shared experiences. Checked in with the group. Was personable and warm. Understood the topic well. Kept a great rhythm of theory and practice.

Renae Burt,momentum

Personable, knowledgeable, accomodating

Shannon Cooper

Christiane was relased, relatable and inclusive.

Lee Nicholls

Christiane is super-organised and is totally across the content and the many possible contexts of remote working. She skilfully managed the materials and group dynamics - eliciting, listening, encouraging. She held my attention completely and inspired me to really think.

Kate Engel

Great 2 way facilitation Excellent knowledge of Zoom and other online tools Very engaging

Clare Coffield,Clarity in your Life

Friendly, approachable, obviously enjoys what she does. That makes for a very engaging experience for the attendee.

Ash Tiwari

Christiane has a very good facilitator, balancing content on topics with the interest to the group.

Marlette Hiles

presents clearly Knows her topics Interesting presenter

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