Kim Lindberg

Success has little to do with my personal gain, it is by how I lift others and help them to grow that I define my success.

With over two decades in the IT-business, in various roles, I know that my passion is my strongest skill. To coach, challenge, train and lead individuals and teams to build empowered organisations. With active listening, genuine people-interest and servant leadership in leading by example, I create a trust and a fail-safe environment to enable teams and individuals to become autonomous. 

I frequently receive feedback as a professional doer with high EQ, altruistic, who share my knowledge and positive energy generously. That I have the ability of weighing humor and authority with a sensitivity of what the situation requires.

There is always something new to explore and learn is my life philpsophy.

I have a huge interest in how we as individuals functions, from neuroscience to how we communicate (Nonviolent communication) Non verbal communication to words that change minds.

I am certified/trained in:

- Collaboration Superpower

- EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence

- ICF ACC coach

- Management 3.0

- Non Verbal Communication

- Nonviolent Communication



- Hypnotherapy

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