Giovanni Battista Pozza

Giovanni Battista Pozza

Giovanni Battista Pozza

Costa Rica

Hello world, I’m a Location Independent Entrepreneur that works and lives between Costa Rica, Italy and other beautiful places. I don't know exactly if I'm a digital nomad or a remote worker or who knows what else.

I know I'm free and happy to work outside the 4-office-walls.

I'm considered one of world’s leading experts on happiness at work and employee experience. I worked with dozens of Fortune 500 and fair Fortune 100 companies. I mentored a lot of startups. My background is very versatile so check my LinkedIn profile if you are curious, I don't want to hold you.

I love minimalism in life, agility at work, honesty as style and happiness as core value.

In Costa Rica I run a co-living for digital nomads and remote workers. That place contributes to personal and professional growth blending life and work.

I lead a Happy Remote Work School where you can learn everything about remote work and how to be a happy in your life and work because:

It is pointless to work remotely if aren't happy

As coach or consultant I help remote individuals, teams and companies to be happy remotely and work better from anywhere, adopt smart working, become remote friendly or 100% location independent.

Anyway we can always jump on a virtual meeting.

Pura Vida!

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