2 Years as trainer

Jurgen De Smet was a guiding hand in one of the largest Agile transitions in EU Healthcare. A master of game techniques for serious enterprise, he has taken companies in some of the most risk-averse, regulated industries and made them rock star achievers of sustainable innovation.

His Belgium-based company Co-Learning supports senior and middle management and entrepreneurs in building and sustaining learning organizations.

Known as tough, knowledgeable, persistent and energizing, he is a driver of Gamestorming across Europe, a Innovation Games Qualified Instructor, and the first to implement Luke Hohmann’s concepts for citizen participation in Budget Games outside the United States.

Jurgen is a Licensed Management 3.0 trainer, Certified LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) Trainer, Qualified Innovation Games Instructor, Black Belt Collaboration Architect, Licensed Collaboration Super Powers trianer, and the author of the Dutch book: "Budgetspelen: Inwoners bepalen het beleid!", author of the book: "The Effective Use of Gamification Techniques in the Practical World", co-author of "Personal Kanban in a nutshell: The practical guide to personal happiness" and a leader in regional and global communities of practice that keep him freestyling with the best.

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