Stefan Nüsperling

8.58 / 10 Rating for public events based on 12 evaluations
7.4 / 10 Rating for private events based on 5 evaluations

Stefan is a IT professional with more than 10 years of experience in Project Management, Product Ownership, Agile Methodologies and last but (definitely) not least Management 3.0. He is keen on introducing Management 3.0 to Japanese companies and believes that Management 3.0 will make their employees happier, the businesses more efficient and customers more satisfied. In Japanese this is called "Sanpoyoshi" (benefit for all three parties: Customer, Seller and Society).

Attendees feedback

Jody Weir

Very friendly, well organised, good listener, knowledgeable about the content

Yuko Gendo

Warm presence, Creating mood to feel free to talk, Caring for time management, and facilitate not to talk specific person too much, careful instruction

Bianca Maria Merk

Stefan was all the time in a very happy mood which influenced a lot to keep energy levels high and engage people. He was very structured in running the workshop and always found very good ways on how to move on to the next topic.



Kei Nakahara


Shuichi Ikeda,株式会社ポジティブ・ラーニング

He politely explained each session and the facilitation of the exercises was excellent.

雅文 寳田


黄 唯


誠一 吉川


Toshiyuki Ohtomo

Muralでの事前の資料共有の段取りが良かったです。 あと、ステファンと中原さんの二人のコンビネーションも良かった!

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