Line Mørkbak

Line Mørkbak
United States of America
9.5 / 10 Rating for public events based on 48 evaluations

Senior Business Consultant + Interculturalist + Global Facilitator & Speaker. I have 10+ years experience in leading, developing, and delivering cross-cultural learning solutions (f2f and engaged virtual learning sessions) to global organizations and their teams. Within the last years my curiosity has driven me towards Improv as a learning tool, innovation processes, Agile Management, and Design Thinking. Originally from Denmark, lived globally for 21 years, current home in rural setting east of Portland, OR

Attendees feedback

Rosemary King

Energetic. Thoughtful. Knowledgeable. When glitches took place, she modeled the right kind of behavior -- calm, flexible, rolled w/ it.

Christine Brautigam,Inspired Agility

Engaging, interesting, knowledgeable, and fun. Line really cared about us and created a safe fun learning experience.

Richard Scott-Will-Harknett,Xero

Open, flexible, great communicator, fun, knowledge, experience

Kathryn Dekas,Google

Organized, engaged, energized, positive, insightful, responsive

Susanne Taylor,CFlow

Expressive, organized, curious, and role modeling every behaviour she suggested.

Tom Sufleta

Knowledgeable, energetic, engaging, demonstrates and puts into practice the theoretical knowledge

Maureen Nonnenmann,The Plaster Group

She is enthusiastic and knows her material. She also provides a variety of tools and isn't tied to one or the other.

Martin Ströbele,Freelance Consultant

Offered a lot of insights and experience Setup good interactive training sessions

Melanie Pürschel

- sophisticated yet pramagtic mentality - very very excellent methodology

Sabine Wagner,communication is life

very saavy regarding topic of workshop, very interactive session, well prepared, welcoming - symphatic and encouraging

Ellen De groeve,HR

Energizing Convinced

Kasia Swierczek


Ryan Behrman,Touch Think

Very friendly, warm, inclusive.

Melissa Lang,xing

very well prepared before and during the sessions. excellent training from the back of the room techniques. easy to understand. very inclusive in terms of engaging with all of the participants.

Annette Dahl,C3 Consulting ApS

has lots of updated knowledge about this field, which was great. has excellent facilitation skills. great to make the webinars interactive.

Ann Cherin,Equal Exchange

Line gave clear guidance at a good pace. She connected with all of the participants with empathy and a proactive problem-solving approach.

Eva Krotilová

Line is experienced practitioner that can provide useful tips good communication skills

Laura Bechard,Equal Exchange

She was incredibly engaging, patient, and took her time explaining even the layout of each session.

Sharon Dale,21st Century Mindset

Organisation Clarity Presence

Sharyn McWilliams,Equal Exchange

Great presence, extremely helpful, presented in a way that worked for how I learn

Kim Slade,Touch Video Academy /Unknown Epic

Very clear communication. Solid knowledge of the subject. Engaging.

Rachel Traver,Equal Exchange

Line was very energetic and made the course fun and engaging.

David Todd,Sofia Studio

Line had a clear plan and transparency to her practice that helped model what we were trying to learn.

Veronika Bahnikova

Line is very articulate, easy to understand. I liked that the workshop had a lot of practical exercises incorporated and we were "learning on the go", using different tools and techniques throughout those 4 weeks. The workshop agenda was well structured, the flow felt well connected from one session to another. I also liked the opportunity to work with different participants in between the sessions which allowed us to get to know/meet new people, observe other styles of virtual communications, explore other worlds outside of our own day to day work-environment.

Maire Heffernan,Dropbox

Eager to understand and help Enthusiastic and passionate Inclusive Flexible

Peter Nielsen,Coaching our Globe

Engaging, enthusiastic voice.

Iris Chung,General Assembly

Line was warm and inviting, and tailored the course to the participants' questions and areas of interest.

Matt Badgley,BluHound Solutions

Patience, compassion, ability to connect with others. Communication style and flexibility. As an instructor, good room presence, timing and flow of the sessions.

Donna-Marie Jørgensen,Culture Code

Openess Getting a virtual team to bond quickly with people they have never met Highly competent in facilitating with technology Patient and non-judgemental

Goncalo Valverde

Engaging, attentive, helpfull, present

Lucia Rodriguez Wu,Lava Innovation

Knowledge of the topic Good communication skills Promote participation

Carlos Valenzuela Martinez,EUREKA

Clarity Empathy Mastery of the subject

Rafael Puerto,Rebel Talent

Mood, fluency with virtual enviroments

Fabiana Mello,Fabiana Mello Treinamento EIRELI

Lina was very welcoming. Everyone felt very comfortable to contribute. I loved!

Chirstophe LE COENT,SQLI

Joyful, knowledgeable, dynamic

Rafael Puerto,Rebel Talent

Mood, expertise, communication and much more

Vassilis Chantziaras,Self Transformed Ltd

Smooth, nice, human, cheerful, responsive, knowledgeable

Valentina Navarrete

How she managed to keep the group connected and get everyone involved to share their experiences

Monika Steininger,Monika Steininger TCC

Great way to interact with the participants, vast array of knowledge

Daniel Woodward,Remedy Labs Ltd

Line is very well prepared and goes out of her way to put everyone at ease and feel prepared themselves.

Hannah Pirnie

Created space, ensured we all were engaged.

Ward Bijlsma

Knowledgeable on the subject. Knows many tools that she challenges us to try out. Great example herself in the way she runs the classes.

Maria Grzanka

Engaging, energetic, caring

Nita Sharma

Learner centred, positive, approachable, able to model behaviour needed for virtual delivery , expertise knowleadge, able to respond to questions and make virtaul learning fun

Tarcila Shinno,Banco de Credito del Peru - BCP

listen carefully, open to new ideas, expert about virtual facilitation, warm, kindness.

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