September 18, 2019 17:00—18:45 CEST
Ended on September 18, 2019
Lisette Sutherland
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People are showing up to your online meetings, but they don’t participate. Or worse - they are obviously working on other things and distracting others in the process. How do you make people care enough to prepare, show up, and participate? Convince them to come! Bribe them with competence and great meeting design.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The three key elements of a great meeting invitation, and how it can demonstrate to that a meeting is really necessary
  • Practical strategies to convince people that it’s worth preparing, and tactics for setting preparation work that will get done
  • Tips for creating a flexible agenda (not a straightjacket)
  • What you can do to make sure the technology works reliably for everyone
  • How to use participative activities to make your meeting compelling
  • How to reimagine the possibilities of remote meetings, and convince others to do the same

This is an all-remote event: each participant is expected to join the video call from an individual device, in order to maximise engagement and participation. Our teaching focus will also be on all-remote meetings. 

Much of the material covered will also be relevant to hybrid meetings, where some people are in a room together and others are remote. But this meeting format introduces specific problematic issues, so a final, separate class will look directly at the topic.
We’ll start and finish on time, the technology will work seamlessly, and you’ll meet fellow-leaders who share your challenges.

We’ll be online together for 100 minutes. And we promise that it will be surprisingly enjoyable!

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Author, speaker, consultant, trainer and coach based in London, UK. Leading on distributed diversity and communication clarity in complex contexts.

I'm a facilitator, coach and trainer - mostly working over the internet. Not long ago I facilitated what was probably the world's first "video unconference" in which 150 people self-organised to talk about the things that mattered to them.

I'm the co-author of a bestselling book, "Clean Language", which describes a precision inquiry toolkit which works especially well in complex systems. I coach using this methodology, and I also teach Clean Language to Agile coaches and others, mostly online. 

I'm the co-founder of the Rees McCann Partnership.


I am a remote-working German-born American living in the Netherlands and I am totally jazzed by the fact that it's possible to work from anywhere. In fact, it's not just possible; it's completely, productively workable—if you do it right.

From extensive research and first-hand experience, as well as from interviews with over 100 workers and manager/owners, I have collected a treasure trove of advice & action lists, pitfalls & solutions, and personal reports of individuals and teams engaged in doing great things—successfully—from wherever they happen to be.

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