Reduce meeting overload with async collaboration

September 16, 10:30—12:00CEST

This workshop is for leaders of remote teams doing creative knowledge work

who want to reduce meeting fatigue and get more done

by adding asynchronous communication skills to their leadership toolkit.

In 90 minutes you will:

  1. Connect with other creative leaders of remote teams,

  2. Learn about and practice the three key skills of async,

  3. Walk out with a wealth of resources you can bring to your team.

We designed this workshop to help you:

  • get more control over your time and energy,

  • increase the signal to noise ratio in your team communication,

  • reduce confusion and misunderstandings that can lead to stress, conflict and poor results,

  • and create a sense of belonging and clarity of purpose even if you have limited opportunities to connect in real time,

Join us!

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