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August 6, 13:00 EDT
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Mark Kilby
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Join Mark Kilby, your distributed agile guide and co-author of the book, From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams, in this highly-interactive workshop designed in cooperation with a renowned leader in remote collaboration, Lisette Sutherland!

What's a better way to learn how to work remotely, than... remotely!

The Work Together Anywhere workshop constitutes four 90 mins interactive online sessions where you get to push all the buttons.

This online workshop series will focus on how to apply a new mindset to collaborate in dispersed teams  These techniques apply for globally dispersed teams as well as the “rapidly remote”. It will help build confidence in tackling the challenges, demonstrate new practices and learn to leverage new or existing tools for productive distributed teamwork. 

During the sessions you will build your very own Action Plan that you could immediately try with your distributed teams, thus helping you learn how to bridge communication and collaboration gaps.

Learning Objectives

  • Experience online facilitation techniques to enhance engaged collaboration from dispersed colleagues.

  • Learn how to increase trust and camaraderie of a distributed team by simulating the human experience while working in co-located teams.

  • Map techniques to avoid miscommunication and outline acceptable behaviors for your team’s collaboration.

  • Engage in the facilitation of problem-free meetings where everyone contributes and all communication and work styles are honored.

  • Practice how to give and receive feedback, conduct remote team retrospectives and inspire continuous improvement across distributed teams.

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Who Should Attend

This course is best suited for managers, coaches, scrum masters, and team members who are willing to try new things to improve overall productivity and communication with their remote colleagues.

 Please check our other offerings at if your training needs differ.  Or contact us if you need advice on whether this is the right workshop for you.

About This Event

This small group and interactive learning experience will require your full attention and active participation for each of the two half-day sessions. 

The workshop is made up of four 90 minute, interactive online sessions each with a separate focus:

  • 28 July (90 min): Team Agreements for working remote

  • 30 July (90 min): Great Online Meetings

  • 04 August (90 min): Collaboration and Team Building Online

  • 06 August (90 min): Feedback & Appreciations

We will primarily work in Zoom, but other tools may be introduced at the instructor’s discretion.

For additional information or support, please contact Mark Kilby

Course Policies

  • Refunds up to 3 business days before the class starts

  • This course will run with a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 12.

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