FRIDAY, 9 APRIL 2021 * 13:30 – 17:00 CEST

What is the workshop extravaganza?

Virtual conferences are mostly passive learning. The workshop extravaganza is not!

We’re tired of watching presentations online. Instead, we believe that online learning is best done through interactive workshops and discussions with others. Our community of professional online Facilitators created the “Workshop Extravaganza” to offer you an awesome selection of remote workshops to take your online skills to the next level.

We promise that there will be no presentations, no lurkers, and no powerpoints.

We offer experiential learning… and playful fun.

You will get:

  • Welcome and icebreaker in Kumospace, a virtual lounge where you can mix and mingle (check out the video on their homepage) or just sit by the piano and listen to music. It’s fun and easy to use – and something different than breakout rooms.
  • TWO 60-minute interactive, online workshops from an experienced, professional remote Facilitator.
  • Closing networking mixer.
  • A six-pack stomach from all the laughing. 😉 Ok, we can’t promise that. But if it helps, we’ll encourage you to do sit-ups during the breaks.

The workshops – choose any 2

In these workshops you will get the chance to experience a wide range of remote collaboration skills, tools, techniques and tips to enable you to take your remote working skills to the next level. Our Facilitators are bringing experience from all over of the world, so you can be sure to find something perfect for you!

Each workshop will be offered twice so choose any 2!

  1. Breaking the ice: building great team spirit online – with Aaron McKenna
  2. True connection, deep listening, curiosity and empathy online: why, what and how – with Colleen Leclercq
  3. Remote Work 3.0 | Game changing practices for YOU and your team – with Line Mørkbak
  4. How to use Management 3.0 tools in a virtual environment – with Ralph van Roosmalen
  5. AsyncABC: Effective Communication for Distributed and Hybrid Teams – with Michał Parkoła and Mark Kilby
  6. Remote conflict management – with Rafa Puerto
  7. Great remote retrospectives – with Nikoletta Tatar
  8. Design & Deliver great online workshops like a pro – with Nagesh Sharma

We ask you to choose which workshops you want to attend when you register (you are allowed to change your mind).


Plus: virtual swag you can actually use!


Who should attend?

The Workshop Extravaganza is perfect for anyone who is an experiential learner and wants to contribute their curiosity and expertise to the conversation.

Whether you work with a remote team, or whether you lead a remote team, our selection of workshops will improve your day-to-day communication and team building skills.

Cost: €225 – €299*

SUPER EARLY BIRD – €250 (1 Feb – 1 Mar, 2021)
EARLY BIRD – €275 (1 Mar – 1 Apr, 2021)
REGULAR – €299 (1 – 9 Apr, 2021)

* Tax & fees included in the price!

Come for the icebreaker experience, stay for TWO workshops, and then reward yourself with a mixer! All are welcome.

Every workshop is hosted by an experienced professional Facilitator.
We promise you’ll learn something new and have a good time doing it.

Each workshop is limited to 16 participants. It’s first come, first serve.
We ask you to choose which workshops you want to attend when you register (you are allowed to change your mind).


Friday, 9 April 2021 * 13:30 – 17:00 CEST

13:30 – 13:55: Welcome and icebreaker
13:55 – 14:00: a refreshing break
14:00 – 15:00: Workshop #1
15:00 – 15:10: another refreshing break
15:10 – 16:10: Workshop #2
16:10 – 16:15: and yes, another break
16:15 – 17:00: Closing mixer
The Extravaganza is co-organized with the truly fabulous

We’ve built in plenty of refreshing breaks and hope you will use them to move your body
(maybe do some sit-ups? 😉 and if possible, go outside or to a window for some nice fresh air.

Need help booking?

Do you have questions on our workshops? We would love to answer them.

See our FAQ section or feel free to Contact Us.

Technical considerations

This is not a “webinar”! And there are no presentations. You will be engaging in live conversations with real human beings. Expect to be heard and seen throughout.

As with any remote meeting, each participant brings part of the meeting space with them. Please help yourself and others by ensuring you:

  • Call from a quiet place.
  • Have a stable broadband internet connection. Optimum bandwidth, i.e. internet speed on your side will be at least 10 Mbps download / upload. You can measure it using
  • Use a headset.
  • Turn your video camera on.
  • To optimise your set-up, follow these suggestions on how to have a great video conferencing setup.
  • Join the Extravaganza on a laptop or desktop. The workshops are immersive and experiential; you will have a better experience if you can interact with a variety of tools easily.


#1 – Breaking the ice: building great team spirit online – with Aaron McKenna

After almost 12 months of being forced into remote working, many teams are struggling with maintaining relationships, building new relationships, integrating new team members, keeping team spirit up and having fun! This workshop will give you some quick, practical and easy ways to tackle these issues on your next work call.

Workshop Learnings:

  • Understanding why it’s important to make time for team building
  • How to establish a basic set of guidelines for working together on a remote team Common communication protocols for remote working
  • Tools for capturing team agreements 

You will walk away with: 

  • Inspiration to increase camaraderie
  • Ideas to of how to kick off your next meeting and give everyone a voice
  • Ideas and templates for creating Team Working Agreements
  • Experience using collaboration tools

Workshop Joining Info: 

  • Conducted on Zoom
  • We will use a combination of Mural and/or Miro – links to be provided when the workshop kicks off

#3 – Remote Work 3.0 | Game changing practices for YOU and your team – with Line Mørkbak

Connected, focused, balanced – how to make WFA (Work From Anywhere) an enjoyable experience for everyone in your teamIn this highly engaging workshop “Remote Work 3.0” we will focus on game changing practices to support YOU and your remote team colleagues. Start your successful Work From Anywhere future nowThe workshop will focus on ways to turn your limiting WorkingFromHome experience into a winning WorkingfromAnywhere strategy by understanding the benefits a remote mind- and skillset can have for yourself and your team. The workshop will explore ways to intentionally be set-up for a happy and productive remote (work-) life. The intent is to learn to overcome remote working traps by using inspirational practices from virtual pioneers and their companies. Workshop Learnings:
  • Insights into the distinction from WFH (Working from Home) to WFA (Working from Anywhere).
  • Learn how to create balance in your remote work routines by thinking like an entrepreneur.
  • Utilizing newest business research (HBR Nov 2020) to overcome an outdated “office-first” mindset.
  • Revisit how you work together remotely by codifying your knowledge.
  • Get practical inspiration to start hacking your online team work practices to achieve more focus, energy and a better balance. 
You will walk away with: 
  • Inspiration to be courageous and innovative to take charge of your remote work habits
  • Techniques to stay true to a Work from Anywhere mentality and not defaulting into replicating “the office”
  • Seeing working remotely, not as limitation, but potential for focus 
  • New team work hacks to start testing out with your colleagues right away
“Remote Work 3.0” is an engaging workshop promoting an active dialog among participants, including online activities and given space for peer-learning.

#5 – AsyncABC: Effective Communication for Distributed and Hybrid Teams – with Michał Parkoła and Mark Kilby

Target Audience: people working remotely, overloaded with meetings, especially remote leaders i.e. people who take responsibility for more than their own work

Learning Objectives:
You will learn how to have shorter, more effective meetings and more time for high-value work, rest and family by using the pyramid principle to organize information across email, chat, online documents and face to face meetings such that the most important ideas are at the top and details are available, but not in the way.

You will also learn how to capture & package information across tools so that more work can happen asynchronously and everyone can have a much clearer picture of what is going on when you do decide to meet.

What do you get?

  • Concepts that will make you see your work in a new light.
  • The seeds of skills that will significantly improve your professional communication, your results and your career.
  • The full Meeting Overload Rescue Kit download.
  • Early access to articles and workshops that will help you become a better remote leader.
  • A free email consultation delivering tips on how to improve a sample of communication sent by you (up to 3ish paragraphs or equivalent).

Please prepare a sample of communication from your work-life (an email, a short chat exchange, a document, meeting notes). During the workshop we will work on applying the pyramid principle and the capture & package skill to make your communication better, faster and cheaper.

#7 – Great Remote Retrospectives – with Nikoletta Tatar

The retrospective meeting is a regular opportunity so we as a team can improve and get better at what we do. Generally adapted by software development teams throughout the world it helps to increase team spirit and camaraderie, effectiveness, and quality.

This workshop is dedicated to retrospectives but you can use most of the knowledge to improve other meetings and your remote experience in general.

You will learn:

  • what you need to be more mindful of when facilitating a remote or hybrid retrospective
    activities that allow participants to be seen and hear during the retro
  • how to keep participants interested, engaged, and focused
  • how to be a better listener
  • how to build in time for appreciation in your retrospective
  • tips and tricks to improve your facilitation

This workshop is for you if you:

  • like your retrospective participants to be more engaged
  • like to improve your facilitation skills (not just specific to retrospectives)
  • get more out of your retrospectives

#2 – True connection, deep listening, curiosity and empathy online: why, what and how – with Colleen Leclercq

The majority of people in the workplace occupied shared physical office spaces before 2020.

Many relationships were left to chance and some of the most crucial relationship-building skills were rarely, if ever, practised with intention.

We know that if we engage in physical exercise we become fit and strong. The same is true with interpersonal relational skills.

Consistent practice enables interpersonal fitness and strength.

Now that many people who can work remotely do, co-creating conscious and intentional relationships takes practising key interpersonal skills, with a few tweaks in the way we show up, connect and hold space for ourselves and others.

This highly interactive workshop promises to reveal personal patterns in self, others and the space between, to enable choiceful shifts and an opportunity to practice some of these often uncomfortable or difficult interpersonal skills in a safe space.

#4 – A Virtual Experience of Management 3.0 – with Ralph van Roosmalen

Many teams know the Management 3.0 tools and insights and applied them in the office. Using the practices and serious games often result in great discussions, new insights, and organizations making a next step. 

Many teams are struggling with virtual work. For example, how to create a virtual experience using the Management 3.0 practice? There is so much more possible than just typing a delegation level into a chat window.

In this workshop you will experience some of the Management 3.0 practices in a virtual environment. You will learn and above all experience, how to create that Wow feeling in a virtual environment

Learning objectives

  • You will learn to create a Wow experience using Management 3.0 practices
  • Experience how to apply tools in a Virtual environment to make it even better as an in-person event
  • Learn tips and tricks on different Management 3.0 practices

What you get

  • Fun, not a boring slideshow
  • New connections, by experiencing the game you will connect to different people and learn from their experiences
  • Virtual materials, a copy of all the virtual materials we use in the workshop, including the Miro templates
  • 15% discount on a public workshop facilitated by Ralph van Roosmalen

Tools used:

  • Zoom 
  • Miro

#6 – Remote Conflict Management: how to deal with conflict in a remote environment – with Rafa Puerto

Target Audience: people working remotely, especially remote leaders, trainers, team coaches and facilitators.

Learning Objectives:

You will learn how to identify the different types of participants that we face in every meeting, training or workshop, and how to use the best conflict styles to obtain the best in every single event or group that you face.

You will also reflect on your own conflict style, and live how the abuse of any of these styles (Directing, Cooperating, Compromising, Avoiding and Harmonizing) could have a direct backfire in the performance of the group (and in its dynamics).

What do you get?

  • Understanding of the different types of participants, how to identify them to obtain the best of the groups you lead.
  • What to do, and what NOT to do with them.
  • Reflection on the different conflict styles that we could use, and the difference between our styles when we are on “calm mode”, or in “storm mode”.
  • Living the facilitation technique called Fishbowl, and how to deliver it in a virtual environment.


  • Zoom
  • Mural


#8 – Design & Deliver Great Online Workshops Like a Pro – with Nagesh Sharma

There is more to a successful remote team than just attending meetings and completing tasks. In order to create a collaborative workplace online, we have to focus on different things to combat the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality, and increase that sense of team.

In this workshop we explore how to better collaborate online, and the various tools and techniques for building trust and increasing camaraderie online.

Who this workshop is for

  • Senior Managers of global companies
  • Human Resource professionals, hiring managers, corporate change leads
  • Facilitators and coaches working with remote teams
  • Agile coaches and Scrum Masters

What you get

  • Templates for building team agreements
  • Increased visibility into what everyone on the team is doing
  • Mindset shift from time-oriented working to results-oriented working
  • Increased employee retention and less instances of burnout
  • Tools and techniques for building trust and increasing camaraderie with a hybrid team