Donate a book

How to donate a book to your local library or coworking space:

  1. Research the donation preferences of your library. Try search terms like: [Your city/town, etc.] library/coworking book donation. You’ll likely find either instructions or an email address via which you could inquire about their donation preferences. (Note that many libraries also have a local Friends of the [Your city/town] Library, who raise funds by selling donated books, so be sure that your donation goes directly to the library itself.)
  2. Order a paperback copy of Work Together Anywhere to be sent to your own address.
  3. When you package the book to send to the library/coworking space, be sure to enclose a note informing the library that they can order additional copies by emailing lisette (at) lisettesutherland (dot) com.
  4. If you can, please also include a personal letter, ideally including your local address, stating why you feel this book needs to be shared and read by those in your community. After all: your local library serves your community; therefore, let your library know that you think Work Together Anywhere will serve your community.
  5. If you donate a copy of Work Together Anywhere, please let us know! We would love to say thank you.