Alfred Boland

Alfred Boland has been a graphic designer ever since he first set eyes on a Macintosh computer in the late ’80’s. An experienced bookmaker, cover/sleeve art artist, typographer, photographer, web builder, specialist in many computer apps (such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, SketchUp, WordPress, etc), social media, you name it. His style is a blend of the best graphic styles of the last century set to this millennium. But best of all is that he’s a dedicated worker that responds instantly and will not rest until his client is fully satisfied. Together with his Amsterdam based brother Steven he runs Get in touch.


 Prelude-extralarge-logo&line-72The Prelude Suite™

The Prelude Suite™ empowers virtual team performance by accelerating trust in three steps. As teammates become attuned to each other, cognitively and emotionally, trust naturally grows.Team Fire

  • Step 1: Tune Up –With a powerful online self-assessment called iStar™
  • Step 2: Practice – Co-creative exercises online synchronously produce weTag™ symbol
  • Step 3: Bridge – To project with Team Alignment Plan™ to strengthen Team Charter

Training and certification is offered online in interactive modules for Facilitators, Coaches, and Instructors working with virtual teams,. We ourselves are a virtual team spanning continents and time zones. What we’ve learned first-hand through in depth research and testing informs our core offering, the Prelude Suite™.

Virtual IcebreakersVirtual Ice Breakers

The need for the Virtual Ice Breakers service was created when a deficiency was identified several years ago in the remote office world.  In many corporations, physical team meetings often include an ice breaker to energize the group.  Why should online meetings be any different?  Prior to Virtual Ice Breakers, the only method of doing a team building ice breaker exercise was to manually find an activity, prepare it, circulate to team and execute the activity.  After working many years with remote staff around the world, Gerard Beaulieu, founder of Virtual Ice Breakers, decided to make a change.  He formed Barefoot Innovations LTD. and created an environment with multiple online games that can be simultaneously enjoyed by teams anywhere in the world.