Name: Jeff McMahon
Talent: Personal trainer
Headquarters: Ohio, USA
Superpower: Shapeshifting
Channel: tbc.fit


Jeff has been a trainer for almost a decade, working with over 700 people. His degree is in pre-med/pre-pharm and he is dual certified in exercise science and sports medicine. He focuses his talents to online entrepreneurs looking to stay healthy and maximize their business.

“Your health is your absolute wealth, so my clients feel better every day and their businesses grow because of it”.

Jeff started training virtually to help his mother, but found that the format worked well enough to expand. He tested it on friend and online entrepreneur, Pat Flynn, and has been expanding his client base ever since. Jeff has a total body approach to his training. He incorporates expertise around nutrition, fitness, and emotion… all virtually!

Jeff offers a free fitness consultation and workout. Now there’s no excuse for trying it out!

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