A Story On Living “Unsettled”


  Name: Alexandra Mandel, Jonathan Kalan, and Michael Youngblood Talent: Experience curators Headquarters: California, USA and Colombia Superpower: Reality sculpting Channel: […]

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Coworkation – When Work Meets Vacation


  Name: Kirsty Thompson Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain Website: Superpower: Blending work and vacations   This week I interview Kirsty Thompson of Coworkation. […]

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Effectively Managing Remote Software Teams With Dave Hecker


  Name: Dave Hecker Headquarters: Denver, Colorado, USA Website: Superpower: Building distributed relationships   Dave Hecker is a seasoned tech executive, […]

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Be A Work At Home Success With Leslie Truex


  Name: Leslie Truex Headquarters: Charlottesville, Virginia, USA Website: Superpower: Working from home   Leslie Truex is an ideaphoric writer, speaker, entrepreneur, social worker, […]

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Get Ready For The Future Of Work With Stephan Dohrn


Name: Stephan Dohrn Headquarters: Brazil Website: Superpower: Designing virtual work spaces   Stephan Dohrn is a Managing Partner at […]

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Align Your Remote Team In ScrumDo With Marc Hughes


  Name: Marc Hughes Headquarters: Boston, USA Website: Superpower: Aligning the team   ScrumDo is a tool that supports […]

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Be a High Functioning Connected Team In a Sococo Virtual Office


Name: Mandy Ross, Carrie Kuempel, AgileBill Krebs Headquarters: The virtual office Website: Superpower: Being social and spontaneous in a […]

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Virtual Ice Breakers With Gerard Beaulieu


Name: Gerard Beaulieu Headquarters: BC, Canada Website: Superpower: Establishing a human connection in conference calls   Gerard Beaulieu is […]

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How To Be Efficient On The Road With Adriana Vela


Name: Adriana Vela Headquarters: Washington, United States Website: Superpower: Efficiency on the road!   Adriana Vela is the Founder […]

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Be In Two Places At Once With Beam Smart Presence


Name: Erin Rapacki Headquarters: California, United States Website: Superpower: Being in two places at once!   Erin Rapacki is […]

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Discover A Common Language With Judy Rees


Name: Judy Rees Headquarters: United Kingdom Website: Superpower: X-Ray Listening   Judy Rees holds the secret formula for helping […]

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Embody Your Team Online With Personify


Name: Sumant Kowshik, Nick Timmons Headquarters: Chicago, USA Website: Superpower: Teleportation Tasters   I speak with Sumant Kowshik and […]

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Build Trust Using “Pair Collaboration” With Tom Howlett


Name: Tom Howlett Headquarters: United Kingdom Website: Superpower: Pair collaboration   Tom Howlett is a Developer and Agile Coach […]

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How To Scale Virtual Teams With Hugo Messer


  Name: Hugo Messer Headquarters: The Netherlands / UK Superpower: Scaling virtual teams   Hugo Messer is the CEO of […]

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Manage Your Reputation Remotely With Per Frykman


  Name: Per Frykman Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden Website: Superpower: Enhancing your reputation   Per Frykman is a Reputation Advisor […]

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Manage Graduate Students Remotely With Marion Smits


  Name: Marion Smits Headquarters: The Netherlands / UK Website: Superpower: Scanning brains   Marion Smits is associate professor […]

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The Power Of Team Agreements With Alexandre Pellaes


  Name: Alexandre Pellaes Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil Website: Superpower: Managing culture   Alexandre Pellaes has worked with several […]

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Apply The Right Technology With Phil Montero


Name: Phil Montero Headquarters: Florida, USA Superpower: Thoughtfully applying the right technology Operations: Cloud Computing and Mobile Work Expert, […]

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Humanize Remote Work with Pilar Orti


Name: Pilar Orti, Director at Virtual, Not Distant Headquarters: London, UK Website: Virtual, not distant Superpower: Humanizing the virtual office […]

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Tune Your Virtual Team With Howard B. Esbin


Name: Howard B. Esbin, PhD Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada Superpower: Bringing high touch into a high tech environment Operations: Social entrepreneur, […]

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An Interview With Managing Virtual Teams


Name: Managing Virtual Teams – Robert Rogge, Anna Danes, Silvina Martínez Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain Website: Superpower: Managing virtual teams […]

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Implement Flexible Working With Chris Ridgewell


Name: Chris Ridgewell Headquarters: UK Superpower: Implementing flexible working programs Operations: Director at Wisework Ltd Principal and owner of the […]

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Engage Remotely With Social Networks With Luis Suarez (Elsua)


Name: Luis Suarez Headquarters: Gran Canaria Website: Superpower: Working out loud without email Operations: Chief Emergineer and People Enabler Luis […]

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Remote Technical Support With Laura Rooke


  Name: Laura Rooke Headquarters: California, USA Superpower: Remote technical support and being a great Mom!   Laura Rooke is […]

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How To Eat An Elephant With Maarten Koopmans


Name: Maarten Koopmans Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands Superpower: Eating elephants! Operations: Owner/Founder at     “Be everything from chief cook […]

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