Interview basics

  1. Green logoThe interview is between 30-40 minutes.
  2. It’s important to have a stable internet connection (>2Mbps works best) and a headset. The interviews will be offered in video and podcast form, so anything you can do to improve the sound quality will be appreciated: I encourage rooms with carpets or curtains. Try to avoid large rooms with lots of reverb (hardwood floor, high ceiling). The better the sound, the more people will listen.
  3. I use for the recordings (you will get a personal link from me via email)
  4. The interviews are posted on YouTube, added to, and turned into a podcast.
  5. You may use the interview as you wish (I will send you a copy of the video on request).

Interview questions

Pink LogoWe will (very) generally follow this format:

  • What does your “virtual office” look like? What do you need to get your work done?
  • What you do and a little bit about how you and your team work together.
  • What do you like about working remotely?
  • What do you struggle with?
  • What makes a good virtual team manager?
  • Do you have any favorite Tools or Apps?
  • What productivity hacks work for you?.
  • What should people think about before going remote?
  • Do you have advise for people who are just starting out
  • What is the best way to get in touch with you/find more info?

I look forward to sharing your story!

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