Name: Hassan Ossman
Massachusetts, USA
Influencing Virtual Teams
: Influencing virtual teams

  • Senior Manager at Cisco Systems
  • Author of Influencing Virtual Teams

Hassan Osman is the author of Influencing Virtual Teams, a book with practical concrete things you can do when managing your virtual team. We talk a lot about trust, and Hassan gives us some great tips for how to build trust.

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Powerful quotes

One big benefit of virtual teams is the access to talents. So we can hire anyone in the world who has access to an internet connection without worrying about specific geography. And when you think about it, that gives a huge competitive advantage to large organizations, especially these days where competition is cutthroat and you really need to stay ahead 10 steps just to survive.


The biggest frustration with virtual teams is miscommunication. The ultimate problem that underlies why projects fail in a virtual team environment is because virtual team members don’t communicate well because of the lack of face to face interaction, the lack of body language, and the lack of facial expressions.


I can lead a project for a customer in India or I can lead a customer engagement in Hawaii even while I’m right here in my office in Boston. I think having that sort of access to talent and having that access to so many different resources around the world really helps Cisco stay nimble and at the forefront of technology.

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