Name: Bart Van Loon
Bringing together businesses from Europe, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka


Bart Van Loon is an Offshore Staffing Specialist with Zeropoint. They bring together businesses from Europe, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. We talk about the benefits and challenges of offshoring and the difference between having a personal versus a professional culture. We also discuss the common tools used, and how Zeropoint trains both the employee and the client to work remotely.

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Powerful quotes by Bart Van Loon

We find that today, more and more people are going offshore – not because they want to organize things cheaper, but because they want to organize things better. You should not have the ambition to hire the best software developer of Antwerp, or even the best software developer of Flanders; you should hire or look for the best software developer in the world.


There’s a very clear distinction to be made between professional culture and personal culture.


I’m not really sure if the face-to-face meeting is important as such. What really is important is that for a long-term professional relationship, you also engage at least a little bit into getting a personal relationship – especially when going offshore. There are so many companies today that have a PlayStation or a Nintendo Wii or something set up where the employees get to play together. Those are things that are so easy to join remotely today, and you should definitely set that up.


One thing I tend to tell my customers is that they are sitting as far from you as you are sitting from them. So it’s not only hard for you or strange for you or unusual for you; it’s also hard and strange and unusual for the people sitting offshore. And it’s even quite easy to bridge, but you have to bridge it. You have to make effort there.

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