Name: Ade Olonoh
Headquarters: Indianapolis, Indiana USA
Superpower: Connecting daily tasks with long term goals


Ade Olonoh is the Chairman at Formstack. Years ago, they made the decision to transition their company from being co-located to remote. The company was growing, and they wanted to take advantage of being able to hire top talent outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. During the transition, they experiment with small iterations, and eventually, found a remote working cadence that made sense for their teams. is a product of Formstack that started when their own teams were struggling with how to make daily standups more useful and with less overhead. They built Jell to help connect daily todo’s with longer term goals. It had the extra benefits of adding more focus and accountability to the every day work people were doing. Despite having built a tool, Ade recommends focusing less on the tool and more on the process. Being in the office  can give us enough serendipity that it makes up for having bad processes.

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