Online meetings seem to be online hell for most people. But technology has come a long way in the last few years and there are a number of things we can do to improve our online meetings. Lets stop wasting time and do it!


Top tips

  • Use great equipment – When we’re working online, we need a great internet connection, noise canceling headsets, and anything else that makes the bandwidth to flow. Invest a little bit of money.
  • Have a backup tool – All tools, as great as they are, can fail. Being able to quickly switch to a new tool can save valuable time.
  • Arrive early and test – When we meet in person, we can slide in at the last minute, sit down and be present. When we’re remote and we try to slide in at the last minute, chances are, something will go wrong. The headset won’t work, you need to reboot, and now we’re 10 minutes into the meeting. Arrive a couple of minutes early and test your equipment so you can start your meeting on time.
  • Assign a buddy – If you have hybrid meetings where some people are in person, and some remote, assign a buddy to each remote person in case something goes wrong or they need help speaking up. This gives the remote person a lifeline back to the in person meeting.
  • Assign a tech person – Assign someone to deal with any technical challenges that come up during the meeting so that the facilitator and participants can continue while someone else works on the problem.


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